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We take great pride in having a team that has vision for success and exemplary customer service. It is an honor to introduce Allyn Morton, general manager of Camelot by the Sea.

Camelot GM

Allyn originally hails from Lumberton, NC. He attended college in Charlotte and began his hospitality career at the Ramada Inn in Charlotte as a front desk clerk. Although he had planned on a career in human resources, it was not long until the hospitality industry lured him in. After spending about four years in Charlotte, Allyn relocated to Durham and traveled extensively for a few years as his career path took him to a hotel company based in Danville, Virginia. It was during this time that he became engaged and subsequently married and moved to Statesville, North Carolina.

While living in Winston-Salem as general manager for another hotel, one of Allyn’s hotel guests had several conversations with him about a group of hotels he owned in Myrtle Beach. This led to him getting an offer to relocate to Myrtle Beach. This coincided with the birth of their first child and meant they could relocate and be closer to both his wife’s and his family.

In 2004, Allyn and his wife made the trip to Myrtle Beach, bought a home, and he began the next phase of his career as general manager at a popular Myrtle Beach hotel.

Fast forward to 2017 and Allyn was offered the opportunity to become General Manager at Carolinian Beach Resort. After a brief stint with Carolinian, he transitioned over to Camelot by the Sea.

Allyn aspires to make Camelot “the vacation rental spot” in Myrtle Beach. He would like to distinguish Camelot from the hotel industry. His mission is to make it more attractive for those seeking longer stays and he wants to add options at Camelot to make it more appealing and encourage people to spend more time on the property.

Allyn is working hard to get all of the units within Camelot updated to reflect the highest possible quality. In addition, he is looking forward to the pursuit of some awesome building renovations.

Pool deck at Camelot by the Sea

Allyn’s approach to managing his team is one of encouragement. He counts on his team members to do their jobs and make decisions independently. He believes in empowering them and developing them into becoming the best they can be. He can be demanding at times but his style lends itself to open conversations and a team that feels like they have the ability to do their jobs effectively. He takes great pride in the fact that his team truly demonstrates true Southern Hospitality. His trial and error style allows his team to think outside the box and try new ideas which lends itself to improvement.

He has seen dramatic improvement in both housekeeping and maintenance as a result. He believes in the power and knowledge of his team and encourages them to come up with solutions. He also holds regular meetings to get feedback and input from his team. A firm believer in self-analysis, Allyn also prides himself in improving his own management techniques.

In his spare time, he enjoys reading especially Science Fiction, watching Duke Basketball, spending time with his three daughters (20, 18, and 15). He also enjoys his annual visits with his nephew who stays with him every summer. Allyn enjoys dining out and checking out the local music scene.