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Ben Thurston, General Manager of Camelot by the Sea

Ben Thurston

General Manager
Camelot by the Sea


The first point of contact for the most up-to-date information and discussions about the resort.

Rebekah Oakley

Rebekah Oakley

Rental Relations Coordinator
Oceana Resorts


Helps with questions regarding owner statements and discussions about the resort.

Wendy Broyles, Product Enhancement Specialist

Wendy Broyles

Product Enhancement Specialist
Oceana Resorts


Assists with discussions about unit compliance, grading, upgrades and refurbishments.

Sable Kendle, Business Development Specialist

Sable Kendle

Business Development Specialist
Oceana Resorts


Communicates with potential new owners and drives new unit growth at the resort.

Theresa Koren, Executive General Manager, Oceana Resorts

Theresa Koren

Senior General Manager
Oceana Resorts


Oversees operations of all rental management services in the Myrtle Beach area for Oceana Resorts.

Resort Association Management

Resort Association Management (RAM)

HOA Management Company

(843) 449-2204

Assists with any general inquiries not related to the rental management of units.

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